Carousel De' Reality

Happy At last in wonderland


Aaron: I am so lucky to have you. Someone so dedicated, hard working, loving, fun, playful, hilarious, random, weird, intelligent, passionate, monkey like, wise, tortured, experienced, nature loving, honest, family oriented, loyal enough to win over my my whole heart, my whole existence in this strange world. The multifaceted ways in which we were so made for each other is so deep it's built into our DNA. Our lives happened the way we did, so we could meet each other now. And bring all of the pieces to peace. <3

These are My Peeps!

And this is my love for them.

The Epitome of BFF

Malleri: "Gawd. What can I say about Mal? Jesus chick, I love you. You rock my world (and my socks). We’ve been through so friggen much together it’s completely mind blowing. We’ve never betrayed each other, or even gotten in a fight. I love that. I love knowing that the last thing either of us would do is hurt each other. "Follow me where ever I go?" 

That was my old description. Funny to think that since then we've been in more fights than we can even begin to count lol Its okay though because that's what sisters do right? Claw each others eyes out on occasion then make up and be closer than ever. xx 



Courtney: What can I say? You’re my sister through and through. <3


Rosie: Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. I love you!! You mean so much to me, I can’t even begin to put it into words. You've held a special place in my heart you since day one and that’ll never change!


Leisha: You my wonderful sweet heart  are amazing. I can't wait till the day we finally meet in person because 9 years is far too long to know a person as wonderful and beautiful as you without being able to meet! I love you!


Like Family

Dj: Wow, this is a tough one. So much to say about Dj. Dj, you really are like my big brother, I friggen love you. <3

I still mean it fucker. 


Erica: You're like a sister and a BFF that I never got to spend much time with as the fates would have it lol you moved close to me in Ash then I moved to Shallotte, then you moved to Shallotte and when I moved right down the road from you you moved back to Ash! xD You love the world like I do and I value that so much. We are long over due for hiking and running through sprinklers, long, long over due!<3

 so how 'bout them sprinklers?